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Aphria Inc. launched the social impact program Plant Positivity because plants have the power to transform our daily lives as individuals and communities – no matter what time of year.

Canada’s long winters can be tough which is why we launched our Plant Positivity Winter Garden week-long pop-up on January 20, 2020, known to some as Blue Monday — the most depressing day of the year based on factors such as weather conditions, debt from the holidays and low motivation levels.

The Plant Positivity Winter Garden pop-up greenhouse experience featured a 30-foot tunnel adorned with lush, live, green plants that thrive at home during the winter. Visitors immersed themselves in the natural goodness of plants, increasing overall exposure to their power to heal, develop, thrive, connect, renew and rejuvenate.

Located in one of Canada’s busiest transportation hubs, Toronto’s Union Station, 48,000 people took in the lush, green escape from winter. Visitors walking through the Plant Positivity Winter Garden learned about how to care for indoor plants like Pothos, Ferns, and Philodendrons so they can create their own personal green escape at home.

Keep an eye out for more Plant Positivity updates that bring some green to the winter blues!

Plant Positivity Gardens at Evergreen Brick Works

Plant Positivity Gardens at Evergreen Brick Works

94% of Canadians agree that plants benefit their well-being, yet many are still underexposed. Aphria Inc.’s goal through Plant Positivity is to bridge that gap by providing education and increased access to plants and green spaces for all Canadians.

To deliver on this ambitious goal, Aphria partnered with Evergreen, a national not-for-profit organization helping to make cities more inclusive and sustainable. Together, Aphria and Evergreen created six Plant Positivity Gardens that each focus on a different element of plants’ power – to heal, renew, connect, thrive, restore and develop.

Aphria Inc.’s Plant Positivity Gardens are located at Evergreen Brick Works, a hidden oasis of nature in the middle of Toronto which serves as the headquarters for Evergreen and a demonstration hub of sustainable practices that create flourishing cities. The Plant Positivity Gardens feature more than 2,000 plants from 50 native plant varieties and have transformed 8,000 m2 of greenspace.

The Plant Positivity Gardens are more than a beautiful greenspace – they support educational and volunteer programs at Evergreen Brick Works. Evergreen has hosted 11 guided tours and workshops teaching visitors about the plant varieties and how they help people and our planet. Nearly 100 volunteer gardeners, including Aphria employees, gave their time and talent to bring the gardens to life while enjoying the opportunity to plant a new garden – a rare opportunity in urban centers.


of workshop attendees felt inspired to develop greenspaces at home and in their community

Featured on Breakfast Television - Plant Positivity Gardens at Evergreen Brick Works
Featured on Breakfast Television - Watch Here

Through the planting of the new gardens and through leading tours for members of the public, I have been witness to the positive affects the Plant Positivity gardens have on our visitors.

— Isaac Crosby, Lead Hand in Urban Agriculture at Evergreen Brick Works

The positive effect of the Plant Positivity Gardens isn’t just for in-person visitors to Evergreen Brick Works. Aphria and Evergreen developed a podcast series and audio guide teaching listeners about the plant varieties and how they can use things like lemon balm, mint, or milkweed in their own gardens or everyday life. Take a listen and learn how to bring the benefits of plants to your life.

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